Bliv Steinerlærer


Hvis du har lyst til at videreuddanne dig som Steinerlærer har du i øjeblikket mulighed for at tage en deltidsuddannelse enten på Rudolf Steinerhøjskolen for Opdragelseskunst i Skanderborg  eller på Rudolf Steiner Seminariet Sophia i København 

Desuden tilbyder Den Frie Lærerskole i Ollerup med jævne mellemrum videreuddannelseskurser i Steinerpædagogik, se

Steinerskolernes Seminariekreds arbejder desuden på at kunne tilbyde en fuldtidslæreruddannelse til Steinerlærer.  Det sker i samarbejde bl.a. med de nuværende deltidsseminarier, Den Frie Lærerskole i Ollerup og Steinerlæreruddannelsen i Norge ved Steinerhøyskolen i Oslo.

Danske studerende har mulighed for at få SU med til bacheloruddannelsen i Norge.

Freie Hochschule i Stuttgart tilbyder en 1 1/2 årig international masteruddannelse til klasse- og faglærer med start i februar 2018. Læs mere her

Steinerhøyskolen i Oslo tilbyder international master
Consider taking a master degree in Waldorf Education
In this master programme, you will deepen and expand your knowledge, skills and competence by accomplishing your own educational research project. On completion of the programme, you will receive an internationally recognised master degree (120 ECTS).

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The RSUC Master Programme takes place in Norway, a country where higher education is not expensive for international students. Living abroad, you could come to each of the six modules in Norway, and do the main part of the studying from home. The programme is organized as a 3 year part time study earning 40 ECT per year. Students living in Europe, but also in India, Lebanon, China and South Africa, for example, have already done this.

Application deadline: 15th of April

The RSUC Master Programme was founded in 2005, and aims at developing and furthering the transformative, sustainable and caring aspects of education, including Waldorf pedagogy.

RSUC master students perform self-chosen research projects in line with their interests and experience. This ranges from developing one's own teaching skills or subject knowledge, to partaking in institutional development, or dealing with the overarching philosophical aspects of education.We believe that educational research is a tool for empowerment and renewal on both a personal and societal level. It enables practitioners to reflect on their experiences, give fresh life to professional activities and facilitate further work options.

Applicants must have two years of educational practice, in addition to a training on a level equivalent to a bachelor degree in education.

All instruction and discussions are held in English, while written assignments and the master thesis can be delivered in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German or English.

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